Howard and Reed Family History

Hello, I am Kim

Although I was born in Des Moines, Iowa, I was raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Please come in and see what is known of my family.

If you are familiar with any of them or the lines, please contact me using the below form.

In 1999 I received a packet of info from a Drottz cousin.
Altho the info is now in FTM, it contains the names/info of many living persons so will not be posted on this site.
I have put this info (minus living person's info) into a table
listing the main person, birthdate/place, spouse, spouse's birthdate/place, and tie in lines.
If you see an ancestor's surname and would like info please email me with your information and I will compare.

This info takes the Drottz family back to the early 1800's Sweden, immigrating to the US.
A number of states and surnames are involved.

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Family Histories and Photo Albums
Each of my family lines have an accompanying photo album you can access from their page

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Updated 12/01/08